SSWW in Hotel Plus 2020, the spotlight of the whole exhibition


From August 12 to 14, SSWW,  with five series of high-end products, appeared at the Hotel plus 2020,demonstrating a new way of enabling space solutions, and became the focus of exhibition.

In this exhibition, SSWW was bold in innovating, showing the professional strength of "Integrated bathroom commercial space solution".Because of the deep research on quality,its products have been exported to 107 developed countries and regions and SSWW have been incorporated into the National Stadium in Uzbekistan, Hilton Hotel, Hengda Group real estate and other projects, and its strength is widely recognized.

Break through the traditional boundary, endow the space with new vitality

The new design of the SSWW booth subverts the tradition, making it become the focus of the exhibition hall. Around the new trend of commercial space design, SSWW brings completely new language of booth design , simple & fashionable design aesthetics, new vision full of color beauty, creating unprecedented space sensory experience and winning praise from many high-end commercial project leaders.

Rethinking the new demand of modern living space, let the SSWW transform and upgrade from providing "quality products" to "professional solutions" . Under the background of quality consumption upgrading, SSWW innovates and upgrades its products, leading a comprehensive transformation of products, completing the transformation from simple function to quality life service, and from intelligent single product to intelligent space.

Ultimate power quality ,focus on commercial space

At the exhibition, SSWW provides a number of professional solutions, which refreshes people's new cognition of SSWW’strength .Different levels of hotel projects have different demand characteristics. Medium and high-end hotels pay more attention to high-quality experience, while economic and commercial ones focus on overall cost performance. Therefore, two exhibition spaces of SSWW are carefully designed to interpret the unity of aesthetic feeling and practicality. Through the specified attribute elements, solutions are provided accurately.


At the same time, the SSWW engineering products also fully consider the demand characteristics of commercial space. For example, the S10 intelligent temperature control toilet of SSWW adopts full-automatic operation, which can also adjust the seat temperature, water temperature and wind temperature with one spin and one press, giving a comfortable and advanced experience. The one piece toilet of CO1187 is also excellent, with its light and easy matching lines, powerful flush, beautiful and useful, which fully demonstrates the integration of design and technology. Different application orientations have the same quality of big country.

As another highlight of the exhibition, SSWW bathroom cabinet DBF019 marks another breakthrough of SSWW in intelligent bathroom. Its intelligent bathroom mirror can realize the  humanized needs of weight and skin health management, equipment intelligent management and control, music and entertainment fully voice control. It shows how the SSWW can realize the bathroom experience of "creating a new comfortable height" for users through scientific and technological innovation.

At this exhibition, with good product experience and professional commercial space solutions, SSWW shows the strength of "Chinese brand" and "made in China" to the world. Over the past 26 years, SSWW has served national projects for many times, becoming the synonym of high-end engineering sanitary ware. In the future, SSWW always adheres to technical creation and design innovation, continuously improves the core competitiveness of products, continuously brings excellent home experience for more high-end engineering projects, and becomes an international sanitary brand with strong competitiveness.