Responsibility in mind, Implementation by action. SSWW won the "Special Contribution Awards" In Hotel Plus 20


On August 12, Hotel Plus 2020 was hold in Shanghai. On the same day, the 2020 "Golden Palace Awardwas announced at such a grand event. SSWW won the "Special Contribution Awards" for its corporate responsibility and outstanding contribution to the sanitary ware industry.


Sponsored by Hotel Plus, the most representative enterprises are selected through strict selection of the products from the enterprises participating in the Shanghai International Hotel and commercial space Expo based on the principles of independence, impartiality and transparency. As a representative brand of national sanitary ware company, SSWW adheres to insight into the needs of customers, firmly establishes itself in technology, plans layout in advance, and won the "Special Contribution Awards" in 2020 "Golden Palace Award with high-quality and complete product and service system.